Get to Know the Labrador More

Dog Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog and most in its registration in America at this time. Why is that? Is not it at first glance to look like a village dog? Is Labrador a short-haired “Golden”? Then, do you know if these two types are mated then it will produce a hybrid called golden labrador?

Labrador and Golden can be likened one way or another, but both of these types are DIFFERENT. This can be seen from the standardization. As for their similarity are both of these types belong to the type of Retriever and are very fond of water. And also they are family dogs that are very reliable, have a very good temperament. Labrador is preferred probably because the care of his feathers is much easier than his brother Golden. Maintenance also includes quite easy. Labrador belongs to the double coated breed category or has 2 layers of feathers. The protective undercoats allow the Labrador to plunge into cold water without feeling cold.