The reasons of why eyelashes doesn’t grow long

It’s true that most women in modern days are not confident if they don’t have a pair of beautiful eyelashes. The woman eyelashes are considered beautiful when they’re thick, dark, and long. However, some women are unfortunate enough to born without the good genetics, so they don’t have the beautiful pair of eyelashes. Even though most men have no problem with such a trivial matter, still, for women, their eyelashes are the ones that make them confident enough to stare a person in the eyes when they’re conversing together. Some people might have wondered do eyelashes grow back?

Yes, it does. Eyelashes are growing back, but it only has the 3-4 months life span for each one of the lash, while the human hair has 5-7 years life span for each strand. however, you also need to know that there are some powerful reasons behind it. The first matter is genetics. When a woman is lucky enough to have a good genetics, then she could possesed very beautiful eyelashes with almost no effort at all, and her eyelashes are growing kinda faster and they may have a bit longer life span as well.

Aside from the genetic itself, the human physiology is also affecting its growth. Our hair grows long due to the abundance of the blood vessels under our hair roots. Those blood vessels transport some nutrition to the hair itself, so it can obviously grow long and has the longer life span too. On the other hand, our eyelashes don’t have many blood vessels. In facts, it only gets a bit of nutrition from the little tiny blood vessels inside of our own eyelids. Furthermore, aside from it can’t regrow fast, it has the short lifespan as well. So, the genetics and the nutrition are the factors that affect the growth of your eyelashes on your eyelids.