This Habit Cuts Weight in a Month

A healthy lifestyle is an important key to losing weight. Try to follow seven healthy habits that can lose weight up to 5 kg within a month. You can also visit reviewsfactor and discover the secret to getting a flat stomach.

1. Reduce meat

Based on the study, many people can lose weight because of reducing meat and eating vegetables because meat contains fatter.

2. Increase cardio

If you have been routinely exercising cardio like running or walking, try improving the duration and power slowly so that more calories are burned.

3. Walk after meals

This habit has been followed by many celebrities. Walking at least 15-20 minutes, after eating, can increase your metabolism and lose weight.

4. Leave sugar

If you can not really part with sugar and sweet foods, at least reduce the amount of intake.

5. Prioritize sports

When trying to lose weight, it is important to make sports a top priority so you will not be lazy to practice regularly.

6. Lift the load

In addition to cardio, try weight lifting because this habit will increase your metabolism significantly.

7. Visit a doctor

It is important to visit a doctor, check what is the main cause of weight gain so you can find a more effective solution.

Here are some forgotten factors that cant makes you lose weight:

– Drinking less

The body needs fluids to break down fat in the body. When the supply of fluids alone is less, it is difficult for the body to perform such biological processes. Therefore, in order to encourage the breakdown of fat in the body, make sure the body is always hydrated.

– Excessive protein consumption

When the protein intake is excessive, the body will store it in the form of fat. No wonder the weight does not go down if the habit of excessive protein consumption in a day.