AC Older, Now It’s Not Cold

For the old air condition, the case is a bit different because there are some points to watch out for. Here are some possible causes of old air conditioners that are not the coldie dirty air filter. The AC coil was dirty. Problems with AC compressor aircon repair singapore. Less Freon on AC. The first thing you should check is when was the last time your air conditioner was serviced or washed? Ideally, air conditioning is washed or serviced every 3 months. If your air filter is dirty then air can not flow properly in the AC so that the cooling capacity of this AC will decrease. The dirty air conditioner can make the drain inside it clogged up to leaking due to clogged in the drain. Overcome this it is necessary for quality services such as aircon repair singapore that can handle your AC damage well.

Dirty AC coil will make the AC cannot maintain the desired temperature so that the AC compressor will continue to work optimally to cool the room. For fewer freon issues on AC, you have to ask when was the last time Freon was filled. With the correct installation, Freon should last up to 2-3 years. If Freon has to be filled in a few months means there is a leak in your air conditioner. In addition to the 4 reasons above, there are also some other reasons such as damage to the air conditioning thermostat that regulates air temperature, damage to the thermistor, and damage to the control board.